Girl Talk – #sol15

Voices reach me from the room next door:

“You just need a diamond sword; that’s all you need,” Cee says.

Without turning around, I can hear the clicks of their thumbs moving furiously on the controls as they attempt to defeat the Ender Dragon.

“Where are you?” Em asks.

“Come toward the white thing.  Help me get these.”

Bam! Bam! Bam!

“Wait, I call the egg,” Em says.

“Okay, then you have to share it with me,” says Cee.  “Wait!  His health is going up.  Do you have your diamond sword? No! You don’t!”

“Got it,” Em announces.

The sounds coming from the television in the other room sound nothing like I imagine a dragon would if it were being slain by two girls wielding diamond swords.  The music, however, matches the dramatic pitch of the scene I see reflected in their faces.

“Yes, finally,” Cee celebrates.  “Gosh, look at his face.  Look at that egg.”

“I get the egg,” Em repeats.

“It’s over here, I’ll set you up.”  Cee has done this for me before so I know “setting you up” entails putting a piston next to the egg.  This dragon egg, you see, cannot be merely picked up.  Instead, it has to be given to you, requiring that you rig a lever and piston system to push the egg into your possession.  Or in this case, into your best friend’s possession.

“Where is it?” Em asks right before she says, “Got it.”

“Now, put that egg in your inventory.  Good, now we go.”

“K, Wait for me.”

“Where are you? Come on.  Spawn right here.”

“Where are we going now?”

I think I know where they should go.  It’s time to unplug them both; we’re going to make Breakfast Cookies.

slice of life challengeI’m participating in the 2015 Slice of Life Challenge.  It’s not too late to join us over at Two Writing Teachers.

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