Write About ~ Write Like

What does it mean to Write About?

When the topic of a text inspires connections, further research, an editorial, or any other dialogue, when it compels us to move the ideas beyond the text and turn them into something new, that text is a source. The writing we do is about the text.

What does it mean to Write Like?

When a text invites us to become its apprentice, when we study closely the author’s choice of topic, process, craft, when we are compelled to write in the style of that author, that text is a mentor. The writing we do is like the text.

The Routines

I have developed routines for both the Write About and the Write Like. Neither routine is as linear as their four-step processes imply. Rather, as readers and writers, we can move fluidly into, out of, and among the routines as it suits our purpose. It is also important to note that while we may often begin with a Write About routine, it is just as possible to begin with a Write Like.

To explore more of these routines together, simply return to the home page and search using the tags “Write About” and “Write Like.” These posts often come in pairs; some include video lessons you can follow-along with, like a 15-minute workout for your literary mind! In my latest endeavor, I am writing to inspire book club conversations. Join me!