Breakfast Cookies – #sol15

You called them Breakfast Cookies.

Maybe it was the three cups of oats.

Maybe it was the cinnamon and raisins like in my favorite morning toast.

Maybe it was the way they went perfectly with a fresh cup of coffee.

Maybe it was that she made them just for you, the perfect reason to stay a few extra minutes before work.

Maybe it was just an excuse to have cookies for breakfast.

Today, it is the three cups of oats, the cinnamon and raisins, the way they will melt in my mouth, washed down by a fresh cup of coffee, the reason to interrupt the Girl Talk coming from the next room, the excuse to have cookie dough in the middle of the day.  Today, we made breakfast cookies. And, of course, I thought of you.

slice of life challengeI’m participating in the 2015 Slice of Life Challenge.  This is my second post for Day 25 (though I only shared on link on Two Writing Teachers), a day I was afraid might not yield a single slice.  Thank you to the inspiration of all my fellow slicers.


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