Rapid Fire

Upon reading Amanda Potts’ post, “It’s Not About Me,” I was reminded of the rapid fire questions that Brene Brown asks at the end of each of her podcasts. I thought it might be fun to imagine myself being interviewed by her based on the questions she asked in her most recent Dare to Lead episode and here is the result (aka the official transcript):

Vulnerability is…

First of all, Brene, thank you for having me. Vulnerability is…

Being yourself without condition, risking acceptance or rejection for the sake of connection.

What’s one piece of leadership advice that you have been given that’s so remarkable, you need to share it, or so shitty that you need to warn us?

I remember my first principal telling me that a colleague was job hunting. “They’ll see,” she told me. “The grass isn’t any greener.” And I believed her. It instilled in me a fear of looking outside the bubble. A guilt when I didn’t feel grateful. And a stigma against change. Why would I leave, I would ask myself. Every job has its own problems, I would tell myself. I’ll take the known over the new any day. And now I know better. In my most recent job hunt, I set my sights higher; I wasn’t even looking at the grass. There is too much you can miss when you keep your head down.

What is a hard leadership learning or lesson, that the universe keeps putting in front of you and you have to keep learning it and re-learning it and unlearning?

I can’t know everything! I describe my new principal as someone who processes things faster than I do. Known for my own quick connections and attention to detail, this new dynamic has forced me to shift how I show up to balance the boat. I can’t — and don’t need to — know everything or be ahead of anyone. Sometimes just showing up is enough. And when I show up and reflect back to others the greatness I see in them (when I remember to paraphrase instead of question, to pause instead of offer) they shine, and I grow.

One thing you’re excited about right now.

Finishing this writing challenge so that I can devote my writing time back to my book and to a sample blog that might — just might — help me to become a part of this team. So many times over the past month, I’ve said to someone, “That’s what my book is about!” and I am anxious to get it into people’s hands. And just in the past few weeks, I’ve asked a colleague to share her great work with the TWT audience, and her response has been one of radiance (again, she shines and I grow).

Tell us one thing you’re deeply grateful for right now.

My people. When I’ve had a rough day, and even sometimes when I haven’t, my husband leans in (even over the phone) and reminds me, “It’s just us.” Yesterday, my girl looked over from where she sat in the passenger’s seat and stopped mid-sentence to tell me, “Your hair looks really good today,” and today as she was driving me home, “I missed you today.” And today is my parents’ 48th wedding anniversary, and even though my dad has been gone from this world long enough for his granddaughter to have grow into someone who drives me home, I am reminded of all the ways their life and love have made all this possible.

Five songs you couldn’t live without and what does this mini mixtape say about you?

This one is like asking me my favorite color. I simply cannot decide. Enough said!

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  1. Ok, I love these questions! Also, great responses. The one about not looking outside the bubble, “There is too much you can miss when you keep you head down,” so spot on. Thank you so much for sharing.

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    1. Morgan says:

      Thank you for reading! It is actually connected to another “best advice” from my husband, “less grass, more sky!”


  2. Amanda Potts says:

    Great format! And I agree that your principal’s advice was terrible. Wow. I’m so glad you’ve chosen to look up and to look around. And good luck with your sample post! You’ve got this.

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  3. Alice says:

    You took me straight to Brené’s podcast! I can hear her asking you these questions. My favorite answer, although they’re all thought provoking, is about setting your sights higher: “There is too much you can miss when you keep your head down.” Wow! I also liked the part about your daughter driving you home. Great post.

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  4. Lainie Levin says:

    “In my most recent job hunt, I set my sights higher; I wasn’t even looking at the grass.” THIS! THIS is some important wisdom, right here.

    As for the favorite songs (or even book), I’m with you on that one. It’s like picking a favorite kid. It’s not fair to ask because I can’t do it.

    Thanks for this post. I loved it!

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    1. Morgan says:

      Thank you for reading. Sometimes the worst evidence gives us the best in disguise!

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