Cousin, Grown Up


The first time I remember meeting him, he was maybe four years old. I was maybe eight. His mom is my cousin, my dad’s niece, and she and her husband and their first born were visiting family in Colorado, on leave – maybe – from an Army base in California.

I didn’t have cousins around growing up. Sure, Vicki and Missy met us in Missouri one year when I was about six. They were much older than me (like 6 years or more!!), and the only thing I can remember is that one of them was always trying to pick me up. And I’d have more cousins later, but then I’d be the much older one.

So when this little one showed up for an evening, I was more than happy to bring all of my toys out to the living room to share while the grown-ups reconnected. The hit of the night was the plastic Pizza Hut supreme pizza set, specifically, the rotary cutter. We “cut” all sorts of things and played and laughed and made the adults laugh, too.

Through the years, we’ve attended Christmas parties, birthdays and graduations, and even each other’s weddings. Last year, he started spending time at Micah’s shop, at first while they were working on his truck, and then just because. Most recently, we shared lunch on my dad’s birthday.

Then today, I was itching to cross some things off my list and – before I knew it – I had two switch covers off, one outlet box open, and a tangle of YouTube videos. Then it hit me. I have a cousin who knows how to do this. A cousin, in fact, whose dad put in the original wiring for our home more than 15 years ago. A cousin who gets off work at about this time. A cousin who could help me out of this jam. I sent him three pictures and a message, and within minutes, he responded:

A few chats back and forth, and viola! Not only is the switch working to control the outlet in my daughter’s bedroom, but I have working lights in my closet.

Oh, and did I mention, I have a cousin around, all grown up. Maybe when this is all over, I’ll treat him to a slice of pizza.

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