Snow Day?


To the tune of “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman” from Disney’s Frozen.

Would today have been a snow day?

Would we have got the morning call?

Would I still be tucked in my bed?

Tangles on my head?

Would we we dancing in the hall?

We used to flush three ice cubes,

And pray for snow,

That feels like a life ago.

Would today have a snow day?

It wouldn’t have to be a snow day. (Stay home, everyone.)

Right, I know.

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  1. Meg Looney says:

    “ That feels like a life ago,” captures so many of my feelings. Love your play on the song. It made me smile but also my heart ache for what was, just daily life, a week ago. I do appreciate your playful way to reframe the current narrative.

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  2. karpenglish says:

    I love it. Trying to explain over and over to my son that he cannot have play dates with his friends and navigating the park minefield and keeping all the kids far apart feels exactly like Anna trying to play with Elsa through a locked door. Maybe we can all work that in to our explanations of social distancing to small kids.


  3. Suzanne says:

    No today was not a snow day
    But I had to figure out
    How to teach my kids from far away
    And though I made it work
    I do not like it much
    Would I rather build a snowman?
    Yes I would but though I can’t
    I would rather be teacher
    In my class I’d be a teacher
    But I can’t, so let’s fly.

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    1. Morgan says:

      Thanks for playing along!


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