Wonders of My World

What do I wonder? There is rarely a wonder that goes un”Googled” in our house.  I scrolled through my history and here were the most recent few queries. (And no, I haven’t yet asked Siri what zero divided by zero is.)

I wonder…

  • If the guy on Covert Affairs is really blind.  (The answer is no, which leads to the next wonder…)
  • If you’re not really blind, how do you play a convincing part as a blind guy.
  • How you sugar coat a marshmallow.  (We could have used water, but instead used frosting.  Sickeningly sweet, I know!)
  • What it was about that avocado salsa at the 4th of July party that made it so good.
  • If the scuffed toes on my $40 boots are reparable.

Here are some of the wonderings that are leading my writing:

  • I wonder what would happen if the world slowed its rotation.
  • I wonder how an underground bunker functions. (This is research for one of my WIPs.)
  • I wonder how others use writing as a tool for thinking.  (This is research for another of my WIPs.)

And just like every writing exercise, the wonders above–and those in the comments on Kate’s blog–led to even more wonders.  Here are a few:

  • I wonder how so many people–traveling with RVs and camping gear past my mountain oasis this weekend–had both Friday and Monday off.
  • I wonder how many people say out loud–on their way past my mountain oasis with their RVs and camping gear–“You know, if we lived there, we’d be home by now.”
  • I wonder what breeds of dogs do better with longer separations.  Or, if I’m a wishing-wonderer, how to change my schedule so that I can be home for longer stretches at a time
  • I wonder if the weeds growing in my yard are good for the bees once they flower.
  • I wonder what it was like for my grandmother to come to the United States as an English war bride.

I’m participating in the 2015 Teachers Write Online Summer Writing Camp.  Today’s challenge was posted on Kate’s blog, with the quickwrite posted to Jo’s blog.

Find out more by visiting Kate, Jo, Gae, and Jen now through August 2nd.

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