A Multi-Genre Approach to the “Typical Day” Question

It’s interviewing season and whenever we have an opening in our department (and we’ve had at least one every year),the number one question people seem to ask is:  What is a typical day in your job like? I have to laugh because

Typical Day

But I can tell you about my day today.

I wasn’t surprised when I got to work that one of my teammates was already in a meeting with our director working on summer school and my other two teammies were head-to-head working on professional development for next week’s early release.  I got busy right away.  Before long, my online shopping cart was talking to me like we were old friends:

Amazon Order

I went back and forth between our wonderful office technician and my director to first get the books paid for and then to ensure I haven’t missed the deadline for buying more books–yes, in that order–And then returned to my team where we talked about

Wordle for multigenre

Before I knew it, I had only a fraction of my day left before I had to leave to get ready for class, so I spent time like this:


Then my teacher friends arrived and we spent two hours sharing the endless possibilities for multi-genre writing for ourselves and our students.  They inspire me with so many ideas and I hope they will accept my invitation:


Because if there were a typical day in my job, I’d love for it to be this kind of day!

I’m participating in the year-long slice of life challslice of life challengeenge from Two Writing Teachers. Join us here every Tuesday/


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Wow! I wish I was in one of your classes. It sounds awesome! I love your graphic, too.


  2. That sounds like a great day. What level do you teach? It certainly doesn’t sound like my typical elementary school librarian/Grade 7 Langauge/4/5 Science day, although it certainly has crossover…ordering books & getting money after, scour the internet for resource to share! Sounds stimulating and fun!


    1. Morgan says:

      I am a content specialist, but when the dentist asks, I simply say, I get to be a teacher teacher.


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