Books and Brews – Week 3

Jeffco Literacy Association (JLA) Fall 2019 Book Club

Welcome back!

We are more than halfway to the end of the first Jeffco Literacy Association (JLA) to book club. Click on “Week 1” below for more information about clock hours and graduate credit.

Week 3 – October 28

Close Study and Texts as Mentors

Week 3 Wicked Weather Virtual Makeup

Hi everyone!  I hope everyone got home safely tonight.  Thank you for being flexible in meeting for Week 3 in this virtual space.  I have tried my best to replicate the learning tonight through a task card and an interactive Google Doc, which I have (hopefully) granted everyone editing rights to. The goal of this week if to engage in a shared experience and to pool our thinking together, which means taking risks and making your thinking visible to the rest of us.  Throughout the week, I will continue to “drop in” and add insights, ask questions, and guide us through this work, as Week 4 will ask you to apply this more independently.

This week, we read closely, thought deeply, talked and listened with great intent, wrote to capture and generate our thinking, and created a vision what it would be like to write like Yuyi Morales. We compared this to our experience in weeks one and two of writing about the topics in Yuyi’s books. Here are a few ways we might think about our experience:

Evidence of our learning

Check out below later this week for artifacts of our learning together from Week 3:


What would you add to the lists we generated?


Texts as Mentors

Join us online starting Monday, November 4, for Week Four of Books and Brews where we will continue to closely study and write like Yuyi does in her picture book collection. Week Four content is accessible already if you’d like to preview it before we launch.

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