Read Like a Writer

Summer 2020


In just one week, we will learn how to use texts as sources and as mentors to introduce students to real people and problems, ignite their curiosities, incite against injustice, and invite innovation. When we see for ourselves the power writing has to connect us to the human experience, it becomes our favorite part of the day!

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Teachers are readers. Teachers are writers. This professional learning series combines our love of literacy with Yuyi Morales’ Global Read Aloud picture books text set to create authentic experiences that teachers can take back to their classrooms.

Our Learning Target: We can use texts as sources and texts as mentors – by engaging in authentic reading and writing tasks ourselves – so that we develop a mental model for an inquiry-based approach to designing short- or long- term units of study that bring reading and writing workshops together.  

Participants in our book club will learn to:

  1. Implement instructional strategies for close reading texts as sources to extract and interact for meaning.
  2. Implement instructional strategies for close reading texts as mentors to understand and imitate craft and style. 
  3. Develop a vision for short- and long-term units based in the 5T’s (topic, text, task, target, and transfer). 

Big Ideas:  

  • Authentic literacy instruction comes through a stance of inquiry.
  • Readers write and writers read.

Guiding Questions: 

  • What does it mean to read like a writer? To write like a reader?
  • How can we plan for authentic short- and long-term units that integrate reading and writing.

We will meet face-to-face via Zoom on following dates from 8:00-9:30am:

June 8, June 10, and June 12.

Learning on the other days – June 9 and 11 – will take place here, online. Both days, I’ll be available from 8-9 via Zoom for office hours. I’ll also join you via video and discussion to introduce you to the content that will take our learning to the next level.

Participants who successfully complete this five-day adventure will receive a certificate for 7.5 clock hours and will have the option of 0.5 graduate credits through Adams State (for an additional fee).

The content of this course is password protected; you will receive the password upon completion of your online registration.

As always, if you have any questions click here to email me or join me on Facebook @MorganDavisLit

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