Did I?

I am driving down 6th Avenue, the highway that hugs the Hogback and cuts through the heart of my childhood romping grounds.

Traffic in the left two lanes is slow to break from the two lights that serve as my drag-racing Christmas tree, releasing us to quarter-mile glory even if we don’t all play.

Slow to break means I break right, shifting down into fourth to get the momentum I need, then back to fifth. Wait!?! What’s happening?!? I let off the gas though my body knows I’m still speeding up on this flat stretch of asphalt.

Seventy-five. Eighty. Yep! A quick glance at my dash dumps adrenalin into my veins, a split-second thrill replaced by sheer terror. I tap the gas. It responds, not stuck.

Did I imagine that? My pulse still surges. Seventy-five. Seventy. Settled, my heart races to slow down.

Deep breath in. Out.

These moments don’t happen very often, but when they do, I imagine them as Sliding Door moments. Do you know the theory? One small decision creates a different path that gets farther and farther from the fork in the road.

Deep breath in. Out.

Paired with an imagination for parallel universes, I can convince myself—for a minute less than would cause you to worry—that one of my selves survives this runaway car race; and one of my selves does not. This me, the one writing this Slice, survives. And in a parallel universe, one that splits the moment this me regains control, that me swerves and shatters into a million pieces.

Deep breath in. Out.

I survived. Or did I?

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  1. The S alliteration really draws me in…wondering the same as you, what happened? Everything seems like a blur (in an intentional good way).

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  2. I love the pacing of your piece. It matches so well to the feeling of the piece. I reread to notice just how you created the feeling through short phrases and precise words. The image of the blur of traffic lights is perfect! I also felt like I was in a sci-fi novel! Thanks for sharing!

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  3. pfornale says:

    I enjoy the quantum tension you build. You have just split the universe in two with this post.

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