Zoom Out. Zoom In.

Zoom Out: It’s finally warm enough to sit on the porch in the shade without a chill snaking its way down my spine.

Zoom In: It’s been at least half-a-dozen years since I was able to sit on the porch swing to enjoy a morning like this. The new canvas of the swing seat cradles me as I rock gently back and forth and try to remember what it was like to rock her in this seat when she was little. It’s been so long.

Out: Rustling leaves pull my attention to the landscape beyond my own yard, just this side of the road. The aspens quake beyond the reach of my unaccompanied eyes, their pixelated shimmer dances in the distance.

In: Micah draws my attention to the bird feeder in the tree just a few steps away, a few black-and-white flashes the only clue that something stirs there. He assures me that it is a bird, and as it takes off into the trees, I catch a glimpse of something red.

Out: The magpies hold their morning meeting on the hillside opposite mine. They squawk like a bunch of siblings trying to settle a squabble before Mom settles it for them.

In: A dark shape rises against the blue backdrop. A hawk rises on the warm breeze before dropping one wing to turn toward me. Rises again, turns, rises, turns, and disappears over the eave of the house.

Out: I love summers. This one more than most. We might as well be on vacation every day for the way our mornings start.

In: I love starting my morning seated on this swing.


In and out.


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  1. Erika says:

    I loved the in and out structure and could especially picture the magpie morning meeting. Your tips for commenters was a great add, also.

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    1. Morgan Davis says:

      Those magpies! If you’ve heard them, you know! Right!?!


  2. Morgan, what beautiful inhalations, exhalations, perspectives on life. I think my favorite is:
    Out: The magpies hold their morning meeting on the hillside opposite mine. They squawk like a bunch of siblings trying to settle a squabble before Mom settles it for them.
    Oh, what lovely personification. I can see this – – yes, the squabbles of siblings.
    Thank you for your inspiration and for investing in us as writers today. I’m going to come back to the zoom prompt – I had already written for today since I’m going through Dictionary for a Better World words through September, but I’m going to find a way to zoom soon.

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    1. Morgan Davis says:

      Thanks for reading Kim! I’ll be sure to check out your Dictionary for a Better World slices!


  3. dmsherriff says:

    What a fabulous structure! I felt like I was with you on on the porch my eyes moving in and out soaking it all in. I agree that all
    Mornings should start like this! Thank you for sharing!

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  4. This invitation was just what I needed today…so thank you for that. I love the idea of the birds having a morning meeting. I think I’ve used that image when writing about robins before.


  5. Terje says:

    What a great atmosphere you created with this zoom in and out structure. Your love of summer come out so beautifully. I love how you connected it to breathing in and out.


  6. Ah, the gentle to and fro. I’ll add a quick in/out. Out, the sea of pavement hot and sticky, a blast of heat rises up. In, a small patch of grass, what is that? A feather! It’s so large! Is it a turkey feather?


  7. Tim Gels says:

    As the commenters before me have said, I love the structure of this piece. The in and out and the back and forth is so effective. I also enjoy all the details you include: the aspens, the magpies, and the hawk. Thank you!

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  8. cvarsalona says:

    Morgan, I have enjoyed your videos, today’s especially. The format you used is making me excited to go to my yoga class in a half-hour. Zoom in-breathe. Zoom out-exhale and feel whole.

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  9. Fran Haley says:

    Morgan, your post is full of many things I love – morning, memory, nature, birds and their bird-music (if sometimes discordant), the swoop of the hawk, and even the name Micah which happens to belong to my 9-month old granddaughter.We need the moments of zooming in and out – writers know it best of all. Extracting the best stuff from daily living and sharing it – thank you!


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