I Did It!

Why is it so hard to know when a coaching cycle comes to an end? Maybe it’s because we–my colleagues and I–know that there is no end to learning to do what we do better. Maybe it’s because we enjoy learning alongside each other. Maybe–and this has certainly been true of more coaching cycles than I’d like to admit–it is because our goal is too vague and our target unclear.

But this one, this one felt different from start to finish.

  • Different in the way that I planned out each of our meetings using the same mini-lesson template I use to plan a workshop.
  • Different in the way I curated resources to help us name specific behaviors we wanted to see in ourselves and in students from the very beginning.
  • Different in the way she noticed right away, “This is like my own little workshop!”
  • Different in how I learned to provide feedback in time for her to process before we met even as I learn to pause to process in the moment.
  • Different in how I actually used the tracker that I designed before COVID sent my best-laid plans off the rails.
  • Different in how we were clear which part of the process we were in every step of the way, from Identify to Learn to Improve to now done.
  • Different in how we co-created the playbook as it all played it out.
  • Different in the way we outlined “done” from the very beginning and spent our time together painting inside and outside the lines.

Done! Sure, we both have next steps to take to keep the momentum going. But the last next step, this one is my favorite: Celebrate! You did it!

We did it!

I did it!

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  1. JenniferM says:

    I can feel your pride and enthusiasm throughout this post! Congratulations on creating a meaningful learning experience! I love how you reflected on what exactly made this journey so effective!

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    1. Morgan says:

      My own little coaching debrief! Thanks for naming that!


  2. rmbtowner says:

    As an instructional coach who sometimes struggles with the same thing, I so appreciate this post. It sparked some ideas for me for my next cycle that I’m starting next week. The cycle is being used for my evaluation, so this is really helpful. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. Morgan says:

      Thank you! It has been hard to get back into it and realize I used to know how!


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