Intentions give your mind a story to live into.

Janet Baird’s “Give Your Life Meaning: Set Intentions” on

Based on a quote from Elena Aguilar, Tina’s podcast about intentions

played from my phone this morning and offered to give

me a little pep-talk before my feet – your

feet – even hit the floor. My mind

was awake, but it would be hours before a

cloud would ascend from this first day of spring break mind

set that says this week must be productive, a

week of getting things done, but the story

gets lost in the need to

check boxes, to live

a day – a week – ahead, so instead of forging forward, the story, I sink into.

Today’s slice is inspired by, not only the podcast and article above, which helped me to conjure what to write about, but also by Cindy’s “Silence is Golden” which was, in turn, inspired by edifiedlistener’s post and Fran Haley’s golden baton. They gave me the mentor from which I could write like, in the effort to stretch my writing self and craft something beautiful.

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  1. What a wonderful way to open up your spring break and reclaim the time and energy for yourself! “so instead of forging forward, the story, I sink into.” The notion of sinking into something has become so foreign to us. We can only think of drowning, not the possibility of losing ourselves in activities that fulfill us. Thank you for sharing your response to the golden shovel approach!

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  2. Fran Haley says:

    First – I love Aguilar, who is a wellspring of great quotes. Such power and energy are here in your poem, and in those early moments “before the cloud” ascends to tell you the week must be productive—there needs to be more moments of sinking into story. Which is, truthfully, a different sort of productive. This is the great dichotomy, for sure. Well-done!

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