New Stance Unlocked


Yes, this could be another video game reference, if you were paying attention last night.


This could be extension of my “and” series of slices. Because it is true that each year does exactly this: unlocks new stances.

Year one (as coach): I am not the expert.

Year two (back in the classroom): and I am definitely not the expert and I need help.

Year three (back as coach): and relationships matter and it is my job to coach you well so that I can get know you well, and if it takes all year, that’s okay.

Year four (as coach): and coaching requires a skill set I am working to possess. I get to know the processes well, the protocols well, the practices well, so that I can serve you better. A year is simply not enough.

Year five (as coach): and reading foundational skills require a skill set that I do not yet possess. The fastest way in is through lessons that I watch, lessons that I plan, lessons that I teach. This is a year that will test us all, and we will get through it…together.

Year six (as coach and back in the classroom): and this is hard and the only way through is in the lessons that I teach, the lessons that I plan, and the lessons that I turn over to someone else so that I, too, can learn what is needed.

Next year: and Relationships matter and it is my job to get to know you well so that I can coach you well, well before the end of the year.

Stance matters, and each year feels like a “level up.” I am these people and my stance gets better with time. I am so excited for the next level, the new stance that will be unlocked next time.

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  1. You offer a unique window into your thinking. By documenting in short bursts what holds priority, requires your attention at a given time you end up at what seems to be an integrated understanding yourself and your learning process. Each “and” presents us with a sense of layering, of elements contributing to a larger whole. Thanks for this insightful slice and invitational format.

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  2. jumpofffindwings says:

    I love how you build these layers of your coaching life, just as we all do, but you specifically put leveled learning in each year. A little bit this reminds me of Sandra Cisneros’s story “Eleven,” and a bit like those Russian nesting dolls. Every you is part of the “new” you.

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