S’all Good, Man


Black boots.

White car.

Blue sign.

Orange ladder.

Don’t think about how badly you have to go. It’s just a few more minutes before practice is over.

Green tree.

Grey mask.

Red hydrant.

White window.

It helped to do your Spanish lesson. It kept your mind occupied. Don’t think about it. Don’t.

Blue button.

Clear water.

Pink ribbon.

Wet puddle.

Don’t! I said. In a minute you can go. For now, just take a page from Chuck’s book. (Yes, Jimmy’s brother Chuck. You know, Jimmy who becomes Saul in season 4? Saul Goodman?) That’s working. Now just another few minutes and you’re golden! Wait! Don’t

Black hose.

Yellow line.

Brown brick.

Blue chalk.

Yeah. That’s it. S’all good, man.

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  1. Super tense — but it’s all good, man.


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