Hazel Hopscotch


We read I Love my Hair today as a sneaky way of starting a connection circle.  It turned into more of a connection hopscotch as we moved over to the taped-out blocks on the floor.

I. love. my. hair. I jump each word: hop on one foot, two feet, hop, hop.  “See, just like the girl in the story would do.  Now say something you love about yourself.”

I. love. my. Dad.

I. love my. eyes.

I. love. m.y. eyes.

I. love. my. brother. 


Let’s try again.  Think of something about you that you love.  Watch me:

I. love. my. hazel. eyes.

I. love. my. ha.zel. dad.

I love. my. hazel. eyes.

I. love. my. ha.zel. eyes.

I. love. my. hazel. brother. 

I’ve got something to show you.  You are going to love this.  Come closer.  Look into my eyes.  What color are they?


Like mine. 

and green. 

Mine are blue.

Do you see how they are somewhere in between.

Th-th-th-that’s like my eyes. 

Yes! That’s hazel.

Practice one more time and then straight to writing.


I am participating in the 11th annual Slice of Life Story Challenge (#SOLSC18) hosted by Two Writing Teachers.  We write each day in March as part of an international writing community.  I appreciate any comments, especially those thatslice of life challenge

  • reinforce writing decisions that work and
  • coach into those that don’t.

Think of each comment you leave as a little writing conference we are having together. Come on, make me a better writer today! Thank you!

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  1. Love this as a minilesson. Rhythm- check!


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