Firmly Grounded

I came home still energized and invigorated from conversations at school that day. This time, not about who were are so much as who we are not.

We are not page-turning practitioners.  We are not curriculum cronies.

In fact, when curriculum is described as Google Maps and “they” tell you that you are free to turn left when it says to turn right and your team decides that

it was never a left-turn-right-turn decision,

but rather an

are-we-headed-to-the-right-place-in-the-first-place kinda thing,

it restores my soul.

We are not an IB school.  We are not a PBL school.  We are not a Blue Ribbon school.

Does that mean that we don’t know who we are?

On the contrary: to be able to say what we are not, to be able to say “no” to the shiny packaging, the glitz and the glitter, to be able to stand firm when the winds are whipping all around, says that we are clear:

We are PLC.  We are dual-language.  We are Title 1.  We are workshop.  We are relentless in our pursuit of what works for our kids.

We know them and so are in the best position to lead this work and determine our own journey. One focused on the process, not the product, found in the network, not the curriculum.

So then how do we wrap it all up in a word when we are asked to describe our identity?

What comes to mind comes from #raisingareader: The best of the factions, not the fractured or fixed.  The strength of the many, not the merited or the mighty:


We are different.  We are developing in different directions, leaning into our strengths, all the while strengthening our core, our common vision.

We entertain a variety of premises, points of view, perspectives.  Our kids get all we’ve got. We welcome the unfamiliar and we advocate to annihilate assumptions.

We are divergent:

We come together in what sets us apart.

slice of life challengeToday’s is the 17th post in a month-long series for the Slice of Life Story Challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers. 



4 Comments Add yours

  1. katie says:

    I love love love love love this. We teach children, not programs. “We are not page-turning practitioners. We are not curriculum cronies.” YES!! Can’t we shout this a little louder?! “Our kids get all we’ve got.” They do. And they deserve it. And if you don’t want to give our kids that, then perhaps this school isn’t a match for you. Thank you – thank you for writing what has been swimming in my head all year. Fabulous post. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Morgan says:

      Thank you for cheering us on! It is not the easy road, but it certainly is the right one.


  2. bjdonaldson says:

    It sounds like you work in a great community of growth mindset colleagues. I applaud you for saying no “…to the shiny packaging, the glitz and the glitter…” and for being
    “…able to stand firm when the winds are whipping all around.”

    The way you contrasted your ideas was really powerful. Thanks for the slice.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Elizabeth Pruett says:

    What a wonderful reminder of what we are. Thank you!


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