Someday I will open doors where these windows are,

where these windows let in light from beyond,

where these windows let in the view from across the valley.

Someday I will step out into that space from here,

into that space that will be enclosed from the cold–at least partially,

into that space that will become a sun-surrounded studio place.

Someday I will open windows where the railing is,

where the railing is all that separates us from the wild open,

where the railing lets the smell of spring squeeze through on the breeze.

Someday the view from my writing place will look out over your working space,

the space where you will customize and fabricate,

the space where you will redefine working late and home early.

Someday I will pause in my thoughts,

pause and fill two cups of coffee,

pause and slip into boots, barring against the cold,

pause and walk the path to meet you where you are.

Someday, you will pause in your work,

pause and set down your torch and hood,

pause, turning off lights and locking doors,

pause and walk the path to where I am.

Someday, we will meet on the path halfway,

on the path, me seeking to surprise you seeking to surprise me,

on the path between my inspiration and your creative vision,

Someday we will have worn a path between my space and yours,

worn a path between here and there,

worn a path between.

I am participating in the 11th annual Slice of Life Story Challenge (#SOLSC18) hosted by Two Writing Teachers.  We write each day in March as part of an international writing community.  I appreciate any comments, especially those thatslice of life challenge

  • reinforce writing decisions that work and
  • coach into those that don’t.

Think of each comment you leave as a little writing conference we are having together. Come on, make me a better writer today! Thank you!

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