Collective Soul

Water.  It’s good for my soul.

Sunshine, the smell of rain.  Yeah, they’re good, too.

The way it all feels like kisses on my skin, they way it all caresses my senses.

Yes, today was good for my soul.

And not just mine.  I watched as you showed her how to get the boat docked and ready. How you showed reminded her how to drive so she’d be in control of our speed.  I took it all in as you threaded your line through the pole and cast your lure to the water.  Not many times, but enough times that we could call what we did today fishing.

I listened as you coached me in backing up the trailer, as you showed her the crayfish pincher.  I held your hand as we walked to where it looked like squid must be wrestling from afar, but where we watched waves crash under our feet.  I raced to catch up as you piggy-backed our girl across the weeds and the reeds back to the truck.

We passed ranger stations and cattle guards, peaks and valleys, but most people passed us in the end.  And still I watched your eyes light up even as the sky darkened and fell to the ground.  And even when we pulled into our driveway, back to the barking and biting, and the day-to-day, you stopped to show me the young yucca in the yard.

Yes, today we captured the kind of moments that make up a lifetime.  My lifetime.  My lucky, lucky, lifetime.  And not just mine.

My life.  Our life.

My soul. Our soul.

Our collective soul.

Yours and hers and mine.

Today was is a great day to be a Davis.


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