Bullet Journal

July 20, 2017

x  register boat trailer

x  ignore the attitude from the woman registering boat trailer

x  conjure exact replica of Bill of Sale in the parking lot of boat registry after leaving original with attitudinally-challenged woman at motor vehicle dept.

x  register the boats. Yes, boats. Plural.

> register the cars.  Yes, cars.  Plural.  All BMW’s but one BelAir.  Cam’s car, or so she says.  Will need checkbook and proof of insurance.

library drop-off & pick-up

x #g2great chat with @KyleneBeers and @BobProbst for #DisruptingThinking

schedule acupuncture for egg allergies

banana bread, with an egg, despite the allergy

– lunch with Micah from Sprout’s (or maybe: Lunch from Sprout’s with Micah?)

verify authorization for brain scan.  It’s been a big day for brain cancer awareness!

– began reading Trevor Noah’s Born a Crime.

be grateful that there is no sign of tumor, that you did not grow up in South Africa and learn to run by beating your mother to a race that ending in “hiding,” that you have boats and cars and patience, a husband, a daughter, means to get from here to there, and a passion for teaching and learning.  Oh, and fresh banana bread!

Thank you to BuzzFeed’s “WTF Is A Bullet Journal And Why Should You Start One? An Explainer” to the inspiration for tonight’s post.








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