There Lived a Sunday

Caught between the falling drops, there lived a Sunday.

Now this Sunday was, in someways, quite ordinary.   It slept past sunrise.  It had eggs and syrup-drenched toaster waffles for breakfast.  It marveled at the weather and the wildlife in the weeds outside the window.

But in many ways–at least the ways that matter most–this Sunday was different.  It was not riddled with guilt over work undone.   There was still a week’s worth of days to tackle that.

It did not wedge a commute between husband and wife, father and daughter, but rather brought the whole family together for spring-cleaning, binge-watching, and crockpot-cooking.

It lounged and lazed, it pounced and played.   It let the hand that holds Monday swing back and forth with a playfulness that usually only comes in the summer months.

Yes, this Sunday, the one before Spring Break, was in some ways, quite ordinary, but in the ways that matter most, this Sunday was different.

I am participating in the 10th annual Slice of Life Challenge slice of life challengehosted by Two Writing Teachers.  Today is day 26 of the 31-day challenge and it’s not too late to join this amazingly encouraging community of writers.


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  1. Adrienne says:

    What a wonderful piece of personification. We are starting our Spring Break and tonight, I am joyful, knowing I don’t have to get up tomorrow.

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  2. pittswitts says:

    Very peaceful voice to this, brought calm like a just-right blanket. Thank you.


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