The boss man giveth and the tax man taketh away:

Remember the days when you were a twenty-something with zero exemptions?  How you’d look forward to the annual trip to the accountant?  How he’d magically materialize thousands of dollars for you in refunds?

Sure, they bought me a four-wheeler, a trip to California, a new truck for the hubs, and I’m sure many other things we just had to have over the years. 

Remember those days. [Notice the period, replacing the question mark this time.] Because now they are gone.

Wait.  What? What do you mean they’re gone? 

I mean they’re gone. 

But… but… I wasn’t ready.  Last time I looked we were making just enough to get by and then last year… last year, the business started really taking off.  

I know, that’s the problem. 

Problem?  How can that be a problem?  

You don’t get to make more money without paying your fair share?

But… but… I thought I did.  I mean, I thought…

I know what you thought, but you were wrong.  And it’s okay, just take out your checkbook, and we’ll settle this like adults. 

Adults?  But… but… when did I become an adult?  

You’ve been an adult for awhile now. 

Well then maybe I don’t want to be an adult anymore. 

I’m sorry, but you don’t have a choice.

But… but…

I know.  Hush.  It will all be alright. 

But… but…

I am participating in the 10th annual Slice of Life Story Challenge hosted by Two Writing slice of life challengeTeachers.


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  1. Tim Gels says:

    Success is hard…and expensive! I’m close with a few tax preparers (married to one) and they say explaining that idea is the hardest, especially with windfall recipients. That said, this too shall pass, right? Thank you for a wonderful post–I’m looking forward to sharing it with my wife.

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  2. Eliza Earhart says:

    Just got off the phone with my mom, who is headed to the accountant next week. She was displeased to hear about our refund.


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