What to write about tonight, I wonder, procrastinating-slash-binge-watching the Voice. Not sure, I pull up TWT and start scrolling through other posts.  A few slices of Spring Break, success, and stress, and I’m still not sure.  Not sure, but it’s time.  I can’t put it off anymore.

“Cam, I need the Chromebook, please.  It’s after 7, babe.  It’s almost 7:30.”  Now, not only is Hulu to blame for my delay in getting words to the page, by now–shamelessly–so is my ten-year-old.

“Okay, Momma.”  That was too easy.

I waver between sitting at my desk or climbing back under my covers to write tonight and decide the warm spot in my bed should not be taken for granted.  I crack the cover of the Chromebook and find a note:

“Hi, Mom!  Wanna play anything?”

Adorned with emojis, Minecraft icons, a puppy face, and a die rolled to three, I have to look closely for its micro-message:

“I light up your life.”

So tonight’s slice is already longer than it should be.  I have somewhere I have to be.slice of life challenge

Tonight’s slice is number 22 in the 31-day series of slices as part of the 10th annual Slice of
Life Story Challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers.

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Jen Driggers says:

    So sweet. Love this! Hope you’re enjoying your cuddle (or whatever!)


  2. Pure sweetness. That’s what moments are made of, slices ready made.


  3. That’s a memory to treasure forever–so sweet! And now you’ve captured it so you can always remember how that felt. Love this!


  4. Enjoy your evening. That is what I love about SOL posts, it is the little things in our lives that are precious.


  5. I love this! Your ending is perfect. Hope you had fun!


  6. pittswitts says:

    These moments are to be cherished. Way to cherish them!


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