Sunday Any Way

“I don’t know what I’m going to write,” I told my handsome hubby as we climbed the stairs after dinner.

“You’ll think of something.”

And I have.  I have thought of a lot of somethings.  But none of them seem right.

Not right enough to write.

So this is what we get on a night like this:

My fingers type out one post and save it for another day.  Save it, but write it anyway.

My words fill this page and…get…stuck…like they are drowning in molasses.  Get stuck, but they fill the page eventually anyway.

And some days, this is what it means to be a writer:

You think of lots of somethings, lots of just-not-right kind of somethings.  You write them, you save them, you keep writing.  Even when you get stuck.  Because, you are a writer, so any way you write anyway.


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  1. and get stuck like they are drawing in molasses is a great line! I have felt this way so much more this month than I did last year! But I am sticking with it!


  2. Michelle O'Leary-Strezo says:

    I have felt like this sometimes too. I have several started items in my drafts too.


  3. wahooteacher says:

    You powered on even though nothing felt right for today’s post. That is something to be proud of on these days when writing is tough!


  4. I love these kinds of slices, where you power through, find the words, and get the writing done. Now, if I could transfer this kind of grit into a spray, and use it in my classroom, wow, can you imagine??

    “I can’t write, Mr. J!”

    *dancing around the room with ‘Grit’ in my spray bottle*

    “Whoa, I can’t wait to get going, Mr. J! Thanks!”

    We can dream, can’t we? 🙂

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