Essential Questions


Not to sound too much like Jessica Simpson,  here is the start of a list of questions that make my husband look at me sideways…then bust out laughing:

  • If, at the end of the day,  your deodorant still smells as fresh as it did in the morning,  but you don’t like the smell,  can you say that it’s working?
  • If they are successful in transplanting a human head, which is deemed to have survived,  the head or the body?

That’s all for now,  but I’m sure there are more I’m forgetting and many more essential questions left to ask.

slice of life challenge

I am participating in the 10th annual Slice of Life Story Challenge hostedby Two Writing Teachers.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. wahooteacher says:

    This made me smile:)


  2. lwalpuck says:

    In answer to the first question, I say yes, but definitely still time to get some new deodorant. And in answer to the second, I don’t know enough about science…


  3. vendija723 says:

    Nice. Have you read “Noggin”?


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