A Break in the Clouds


I’ve finished paying bills and the house is still quiet.  No one else will be home for another couple of minutes, and the dogs are snuggled up on the their couch.

I look to my left, just beyond the screen that moments ago held facts and figures, accounts and activities.  The window is wide; the wind, wild.  Giant white puffs hang over the hills on one side of the view.  On the other, the clouds cast a misty mirage over the blur of dark trees standing strong against the weather.

And yet the sun is shining.

Yes, the sun is shining.  Its glow makes the dry wood of the deck rail appear white, marked only by a few shadowed knots.  The needles that blow on the tree closest to me seem cast in glitter, sparkling in this light, caught between two storms.

There is a break in the clouds.

How perfect a reminder this is, this break in the clouds.  There will be storms, uncertainty.  Winds will whip.  Strength will seem lost in the mist, but will be there nonetheless when it lifts.  And in the in-between time, a glow so easy to miss when we forget to look out the window.  A glow so warming and wonderful.  It welcomes me to this moment as I sit here–here by the window–and watch.

I am participating in the 10th annual Slice of the Life Challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers.  This is day 12 of our 31-day challenge.



6 Comments Add yours

  1. Lovely! The storms are barrelling this way (WI), so I will keep an eye out for the breaks and the hope too.


  2. Your imagery is fantastic. I love the reminder that we all need to take a break from the daily storms and watch for the breaks of sunshine.


  3. pokeygirl5 says:

    Sunshine always follows a storm. There is beauty in the darkness… always look forward to that.


  4. litcoach64 says:

    I loved the description in your slice. I could picture what you were seeing through your window!


  5. I like the imagery with the sun breaking through the clouds! That little bit of light can help immensely in a tough time.


  6. Adrienne says:

    Lots of great alliteration with W in this piece:

    The window is wide; the wind, wild

    Winds will whip

    A glow so warming and wonderful. It welcomes me to this moment as I sit here–here by the window–and watch.


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