Sure Enough


“What are you sure of about today?”

“That we’ll get there.”

“And which parts are you unsure of?”

“Everything else.”

These are the kinds of days a girl like me could live for.  Where there is no space for anything other than being mom.  She sits beside me on our way to the city, nervous and tense. And me?

Sure, our day started out by shuttling her to the first round of competition and continued as we killed time until round two.  Sure, I was sitting there, writing under the black light, waiting for her to come out of the putt-putt tunnel.  And sure, we made it back for round two with plenty of time to spare.

Sure, we left from there with an extra daughter for the night.  Sure, we met friends for games and grub at the arcade.  And sure, we are home now, four eyes glued to Minecraft and YouTube and these four eyes, tired and bleary, returning to this post after all.

Yes,  these are the days to live for: where the only thing I’m sure of is that I’ll get there.  Everything else?   I wasn’t sure.

I am participating in the 10th annual Slice of Life Challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers.  This is day eleven and post 101 for me.  A special thanks in this post to Peter Johnston’s Choice Words that gave me the perfect question to get the words rolling this morning.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Michelle O'Leary-Strezo says:

    Sometimes, those are the best days ever!


  2. I really liked the use of “Sure” in the post! It held everything together 🙂 glad you made it.


  3. So powerful. “What are you unsure of?” “everything else”. That space were the unsure lives in troubling to me sometimes. I like the peace you’ve made.


  4. Fran Haley says:

    What a reflective daily question – what am I sure about. I am thinking of a thousand – okay, maybe a hundred – ways to incorporate it in my daily conversation.


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