Contrasts and Contradictions (#sol17)

We read a story as a class today.  A Cinderella story.  At the start, are two sisters:  beautiful, haughty,  proud.  The other sister: ugly, scarred, miserable, lonely.  By the end, pride turns to shame, misery to faith, and scars to pure perfection.  

Yes, a classic Cinderella story with a dash of Ugly Duckling thrown in for good measure.  No fairy godmother required.  

As I listened to ten-year-olds’ take on the tale the clash of concepts came on me like a spring thunderstorm.  The contrast.  The contradiction. Light on dark.  Good vs. evil.  Inside and out.  Start to finish.

This train of thought, it’s what carried me home.

It’s the question asked that no one really wants an answer to.  The fast lane where the slow driver is causing us to slip to the right to pass.  It’s the shouting when all I want is quiet. It’s dirty dishes turned clean and crumpled clothes ironed out.  It’s the urgent stack of papers that will… … wait. The heavy heart finding serenity in the written word.

The start of the Slice of Life Challenge at the end of a long day.   

Yes, this is the story of Cinderella:  No fairy godmother required.  No slippers nor clocks that strike midnight.  Not even a Prince Charming. Just an ordinary girl, destined for greatness, carried by the contrast of her character.  

slice of life challengeI am participating in the 2017 Slice of Life Challenge over at the Two Writing Teachers Blog.  This is day one of thirty-one.  I hope you’ll join us!



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  1. rpolacek says:

    I love how you bring in Kylene Beers’s Notice & Note strategies – and how you recognized it within your lesson, and then carried it into your daily life.

    We all need to slow down for a moment and think about what’s important. I hope that daily writing in this challenge will carry us all through! (Fairy Godmother or not…)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. vanessaw2007 says:

    Your writing is so creative and I love to read your posts. This has helped me notice all the contrasts around me!


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