I Am From Summer

For the unknown-th August in a row, I am reminded of Where I’m From:

I come from a summer20160603_184949

Like none other before.

From two puppies on the first day

Before June even started.

Yes, Ethan and Ellie quickly became 

Bitey and Mighty, Tiny and Whiny, Ethie-E and Ellie-Belly,

Who slept on the floor, then the couch, now the bed.

20160721_195915I am from my nephew’s first birthday,

Cami’s first concert at Red Rocks.

From days when we didn’t have to wonder,

“Daddy, are you staying home?”

And “When can we go camping?”20160702_194424

From a backyard tree house still in the works,

A rope stretched feet above the forest floor.

I am from Simon Says, “knee, layout, flip!”

And “I can jump higher then YOU!”

From getting tossed overboard into the cool Blue Mesa waters

And a campsite in the pines.

From staying up late, binge watching our favorite shows,

And waking up at all hours, scolding

“Outside!” and “Down!”

“No bites” and “No teeth!”

20160730_203120From finally starting our kitchen renovation

Right before back-to-school,

Time spent handing Micah the tools,

Like I did when I was just his girlfriend.

I am from a mouthful of braces saying, 20160801_181836

“Mom, I thound like Jimm-uh Fow-un. It’s so EW!”

From time spent in the present,

The present of presence.

From the gift that is now.

I come from a summer like none other before.  

And summer’s not over.

I carry it with me. 


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