A Few of My Favorite…

“Think of your favorite foods,”she says.  “I know it might not make sense,” especially because I haven’t eaten anything since before bed last night,  “but it helps your body move things through.” Yeah, like the jar full of barium I just chugged “like you’re so very thirsty.” Oh, and the jar before that, too, that I swallowed a “biggest-mouthful-you-can-stand” at a time. But the sooner this stuff transfers from the small intestine (the A train) to the large (the B train), the sooner this is over.  So, pacing back and forth in the halls of the radiology center, here goes. And what the heck,  let’s throw in a little Sound of Music for inspiration:

Chocolate-glazed doughnuts,

And warm morning pastries,

Swirls of hot fudge over

Ice cream, so tasty

Slices of pizza that brighten my moods.

These are a few of my favorites foods.

Pulled pork in barbecue,

Hamburgers bun-less,

Tri-tip from Costco

Grilled to perfect pink done-ness,

I’d even take mint gum

Or tea freshly brewed.

These are a few of my favorite foods.

When I’m lounging,

When I’m working,

When I’ve had a few,

I simply indulge in my favorite foods

And then I will feel brand new.

I think Julie Andrews would be proud!


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