A Walk in the PARCC



Click,  click,  click.

Guided access on,

The script takes over;

Our teachers

Turn to machines:

Read,  look up,

Pace the aisles.






We got this.

Headphones on,  we check.



We sign in.


Start,  start,  start.

We may begin.

The test takes over;

We turn into machines:

Read, look up,

Tackle the questions

Just like they taught us.

We finish early,

But we don’t rush.

We make this look easy,

Just a walk in the PARCC.


I am participating in the 9th annual Slice of Life Challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers. Today is the last day of the challenge, and I thought about a hooray-we-did-it! kind of slice, but this tribute to the fifth graders in Mr. J’s class took a backseat to yesterday’s slice and it just didn’t seem right to make it wait one more day.



3 Comments Add yours

  1. danahuff says:

    Good luck with testing, and congrats on finishing the challenge!


  2. bbutler627 says:

    Hahahah! Nicely done. Just a walk in the PARCC, very clever. I’d say your posts were some of the most clever this month. I really looked forward to them daily. You have a real gift for writing, I think. It’s honest and open. I laughed a lot and I thought even more about your topics. Anyways, I’m glad to have found you and I hope you continue slicing on Tuesdays. Congrats on the month!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love your play on words and the rhythms of this poem! I hear the tap tap tap of keys and clicks in every line… Thanks for sharing!


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