At Every Stop


Our anniversary came on a Sunday this year, just like it did for our first one.  There was no wedding cake left to enjoy, we did not walk along the streets downtown, stay out all night, nor stay in a fancy hotel.  Actually, we forgot that it was any sort of special occasion.  We woke, we enjoyed a cup of coffee together, we fed the birds. We watched movies, and we played horseshoes.  We strung a tow strap across the driveway to test our balance and swatted a tennis ball back and forth, chasing it into the weeds most of time.  It was then that we realized.

You kissed me.

For our anniversary this year, we came inside after the sun started to set, and we made plans for our first vacation since our not-so-little-one was still so little.  For our anniversary this year, you took me to see the world, the crooked canyons, the waterways, the vast vistas.  We moved slowly through three states, adventuring under archways, looking out over landscapes, wading in windy waters, gracing the glass of the Grand Canyon, lazying at the last lakeside, easing into each morning, soaking the sun out of each day.20160319_140741

You held my hand.

We heard a hundred different languages, people passing people, the call of the crows over the canyon and the ducks’ discussion as they dipped and dove.  We belly-laughed at the backseat banter.We saw things that made our minds distrust our senses.

You told me you love me in every spot, at every stop.

Not one of our anniversaries has passed in the same way.  From a night on the town to an out-of-town excursion, you never cease to amaze me and remind me why being your wife is the best gift I have been given in this life.  I promise to kiss you, hold your hand, and tell you I love you, in every spot, at every stop along the way.


slice of life challengeI am participating in the 9th annual Slice of Life Challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers.  This is day 25 of the 31-day challenge.  I am surprised at how hard it is to write when you are far from home, but I’m still in it!



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  1. MAK says:

    I hope you shared this with him too! Sounds like you are both lucky!


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