24 Minutes

Twenty-four minutes might not be enough time to capture the today I’ve had.

Awake with a cup of coffee from the first clean in-room coffee pot.  Cereal without milk, but blueberries to make the meal.  A drive across state lines to the river’s edge.  A boat rental, a trip downstream, sandwiches in the cove where the ducks came begging. Anchored to a tree and tubing in the icy waters of the river that shares the name with the place we call home.  Sitting on the pier, arms propped behind me, watching my two favorites fish while the buzzards circle overhead. A slow drive back to civilization, interrupted by a walk over Memorial Bridge and a drive over the Hoover Dam.

Eighteen more minutes left,  and I still haven’t captured dinner,  groceries,  and a return to our room,  but those are not the things that make for good slices.  The tiny head resting on my back as I race to get this slice in,  these are the moments this challenge was made for.  Sixteen minutes to spare… I’ll spend the making the most of these kinds of moments.

I’m participating in the 9th annual slice of life challenge hosted by two writing teachers.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Alice Nine says:

    Sounds like a fun day… and you got it in, just in time! Such as sweet picture… “tiny head resting on my back” Yes, cherish those moments.


  2. pittswitts says:

    I love the pacing and the snippets of your day. Speeding through some but slowing down on those that matter most, even if it was just a few choice phrases. Well written!


  3. Yep! These are the moments. Sounds like you have a pile of slices from just today.


  4. vanessaw2007 says:

    This day sounds amazing.. thanks for sharing part of it.


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