Barefoot Ballet

There is something

about the way the earth

feels under my feet.

With the lightest touch,

it reaches

up to hug each arch.

Feel the warmth

of the sun’s stored rays,

the chill

of the sandy shadows.

This is my front yard,

my gravel road,

my dirt drive.

It waits all winter,

all week,

all the while

for this,

my barefoot ballet.


slice of life challengeI am participating in the 9th annual Slice of Life Challenge over at the Two Writing Teachers. I am really looking to improve my craft and would appreciate your feedback about the writing work and the way this piece connects to you as a reader.  Thank you for reading!




5 Comments Add yours

  1. Really lovely poem, Morgan. I was trying to figure out how you were going to fit in that great title, and you did it beautifully. Thanks for the lovely read.


    1. Morgan says:

      Thank you. I debated about using that last line as the title. Glad it drew you in!


  2. bbutler627 says:

    I like how at the bottom of your piece you ask specifically for comments on how to improve your craft and are specific about your current needs as a writer. That’s a very clever thing to do! Unfortunately I have little insight for this post because it is a a poem and it’s totally your own. It’s a perfect slice of life in that it captures the moment so well. Poetry like this one is artful and interactive. Normally I would do that! The leading description didn’t disappoint either. I saw the title and the photo but still was happily surprised by the last line. If that helps 😉


    1. Morgan says:

      Yes, thank you!


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