In just over four years.

Driving back and forth to two different jobs.  One that grew me up and grew me out of the walls of a single school. The other that took me to nearly 50 different schools and conferences in at least three different counties.  That made me realize my ride as my mobile office, with the crowded trunk to prove it. In August–in fact, just yesterday–it took me to my third.  One school.  Every day.  Office secured. Trunk relieved. That is, once I pack up from one building and unload it at the other.

But it hasn’t just been for me.   These 100,089 miles began commuting to the last days of preschool, spared milk spills and highway shoulder diaper changes. Miles that delivered a kindergartner to a place of play.  That dropped off a first grader, a second grader, and a third grader.  Through rain and snow and hail and sometimes not through it at all, but back around in responsible retreat.  Either way, these miles brought her home.  A few times with a sleepover friend.  For six weeks, carpooling with her dad, fresh from surgery.  Most days, though, just me, her, and the sounds on the stereo.  Some days otherwise silent.  Others spent in the comfort of front-to-back-seat conversation.  Cartoons and candy. Boys and besties. Most days singing – our voices lifted to their best and boldest.

Time spent behind the wheel.  Tires treading the twists and turns.   Forty minutes at a time.  Not at all wasted. Invested.  All 100,089 miles.


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  1. bbutler627 says:

    Very poetic really. I was drawn in by the image – the tire tracks. You usually see these negatively but here it’s like a tree trunk cut and rings on display. I love this piece. It’s a summary shot of the best kind 🙂

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