Not a Day Goes By

Driving home,  I felt it. Like an itch that needs scratching,  like a sneeze that tickles your nose,  like a hunger inside an empty belly.  I couldn’t quite tell what it was at first.  Have I forgotten something at work?  Yes,  but that’s not it.  Have I lost myself in a tangle of thoughts?  Yes,  but that’s not it either.  Have I written today?   No, and that’s just it.  I haven’t put fingers to keys all day,  at least not for this purpose.  Sure, I worked on the presentation for next Thursday.  I rated and ranked potential teammates for next year.  I sent emails and made notes on my evaluation.  But I haven’t written from this space in my mind yet.  And this space won’t let me forget it.

I heard Gary Paulsen say once that writing for him is like breathing,  like falling in love.  You just can’t live without it.  I get it now,  and so couldn’t let this day go by without taking this breath and filling this space.


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