I Get it Now- #sol15

“I can’t talk to you while you’re bouncing,”  I tell my daughter.  She sits across the living room from me atop my grey balance ball.  In my head, I rattle off the other things that are hard for me to watch her do: spin, jump, twirl and any other variation of the same innocent moves.  Her personal favorite is the Swivel-Chair Spiral, where she lays belly down on the seat of the desk chair and turns her body into a propeller, hair flying outward and eventually rising up off the floor with the physics of motion.

I read somewhere that spinning and twirling are good for developing balance.  If that’s true, my daughter must be the most balanced human being on the planet.  And it’s not that I don’t want her to do these things, but watching her induces a car-sickness-like nausea that makes it so hard for me to stay focused and all I can think is stop, stop, stop.  But that voice in my head – the one that used to pass my lips, saying “Stop. Stop. Stop.” – is not as strong as it once was.  She has this effect of evoking evolution in me.

Even as I type these words, she is spinning on the chair next to me. I catch a small glimpse of her blond trusses every time she completes a revolution.  And then she invites me in:  “Mom, when I pull my legs up–watch–” She re-assumes the position on the chair and gets going so fast that I can feel the wave of uneasiness cresting to crash.  “And then I pull my legs in… See? Did you see how I went faster?”  The wave subsides without washing over me and is replaced by a smile and a Steve Spangler “Science of Spin” lesson, too.

And to take this all one step further, if she was riding the office chair while I worked on this piece, what do you think I was sitting on?  You guessed it!  The balance ball.  Turns out, I like bouncing.  Having written this entire blog from the top of the grey orb, my knees folded under me, I can say I get it now.  Maybe the secret to watching her bounce has been here all along; I just needed to join her.

I’m participating in the 2015 Slice of Life Challenge at  Two Writing Teachersslice of life challenge


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