Sights and Sounds of Sunday – #sol15


It starts with


sighs between snores.

The sun rises

shuffles us out

into the shade of the


Shawnee and sagebrush

separate us from

sunny-side up

and syrup-soaked slices.

Shoveling in and

spacing out,

slowing savoring the

sights and sound of


slice of life challengeI am participating in the Slice of Life Challenge 2015.  Thanks to Two Writing Teachers and the entire team of slicers who are making this Slice of my life so full of possibility.


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  1. Lori Sheroan says:

    Because of the lovely alliteration, I reread your poem multiple times. It sounds just beautiful and captures Sunday morning perfectly.

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    1. Morgan says:

      There were a few lines that got me entirely tongue-tied. Fun!


  2. eloularson says:

    Love the sights and sounds of your Sunday morning…now I’m hungry for some syrup soaked slices.


  3. cvarsalona says:

    Love the alliteration!


  4. Are you camping? I was a little confused by the Shawnee and Sagebrush lines. I enjoyed the sounds of the words in my head as I read, as well as the images you created there.


    1. Morgan says:

      We live in a rural mountain community and so have to pass through the towns of Shawnee and over the hills of sagebrush to get to our restaurant of choice. We were the only patrons there for most of the morning. 🙂


      1. That makes total sense. Nice to be able to question a poet! I was imagining that you were cooking–I think that is why I was confused.


  5. mbhmaine says:

    Great alliteration. I am now dying for some syrupy soaked slices. Thanks for sharing a peaceful Sunday morning.


  6. margaretsmn says:

    Your slice makes me hungry for hotcakes. My mother made them every Sunday morning. Yum!


  7. I love that shoveling in and shoveling out kind of stuff. Happy Sunday. xo nanc


  8. chiaraslice says:

    Lovely poem. It did make me wonder about the logistics, so the clarification helped. But it was not necessary to appreciate the beauty of your Sunday morning.


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