That’s Why This Works – #sol15

The shadows play across the mountain in the distance every morning.  The mountain has no shape any other time of the day, tree against tree.  But in the mornings, the sun casts the peaks and valleys in varying shades of purple and gold.  It’s breathtakingly beautiful and usually the call to get everyone out of bed.

“Shadows,” I announce.  Two tiny feet trudge across the kitchen floor.  Two larger feet shuffle quietly.  On the best mornings, I intercept with a cup of coffee, passed like a relay baton.

This morning, the shadows were at their edges and the sun was already shining over the hill when Micah stepped away from the door-length glass and tore open the drapes on the kitchen window.

“Beautiful,” he said, straddling the open door of the dishwasher to get the best view.

“Can you close that?”  I asked.

“Yeah,” he said.  Without hesitation, he reached up and pulled the drape back over the window.

“Not that,” I laughed.  “The dishwasher.  But thanks.”

He opened the drapes again, shut the dishwasher door, and looked at me. We both laughed.

“You know,” I told him, pointing to the drapes. “That’s why this works.  You would close those just because I asked you to.  And yet, I would never ask you to.”

We laughed again.  Because it’s true.  Without a moment’s hesitation, without any sort of drudgery, without any question in his voice, he pulled those drapes over the majesty of the mountains beyond. Why?  Because I’m his wife–his best friend–and he lives to make me happy.  But I would never ask him to do something that would shut him off from the joys of this world.  Why?  Because he is my husband–my best friend–and I live to make him happy.  That’s why this works.Micah and I

In another few days, we will celebrate our eleventh wedding anniversary. In another few months, we will celebrate our twentieth year together.  It hasn’t always worked like this.  In fact, sometimes it hasn’t worked at all.  But when it does work it’s exactly because of moments like this.

slice of life challengeI’m participating in the 2015 Slice of Life Challenge at  Two Writing Teachers.


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  1. katnatt says:

    Ahhh…my dear friend, in just a few short paragraphs you captured the beauty of being married to your best friend, wife or husband. It is as simple as that. Almost magical because no one can see the other parts, the parts that may not work quite right.
    Miss you and love you,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Morgan says:

      I miss you! Thanks for following me here. It is so good to hear your voice. 🙂 Love to you, too.


  2. Brenna says:

    This piece is beautiful…and true. I love the way you use mundane details — like closing the curtains, and majestic details — like the shadows’ colors, to bring us into your world. Celebrate when it works like magic. Because it is. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Morgan says:

      Thank you for pointing out the contrast in the mundane and the majestic. I felt something there, but didn’t have the words for it. And after teaching the signpost of “Contrast and Contradictions” the other day, I am grateful for the connection!


  3. C.Crouch says:

    Oh my goodness….I love that in such a tiny task you could see a loving gesture. It makes me think of my husband and his joys when you said you would never think of shutting off the things that brings your husband joy…could be a future post for me.
    Thank you for sharing that it hasn’t always been perfect…and some times it didn’t work at all because we have all been there.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Morgan says:

      Glad that we could connect in this way. I look forward to reading your posts, too.


  4. anita says:

    You have capture the essence of a long marriage, “It hasn’t always worked like this. Sometimes it hasn’t worked at all. But when it does work it’s exactly because of moments like this/” I just acknowledged my 42nd anniversary. We were babies. We had no idea what we were getting into. Yet, he too would close the curtain for me and I for him. Lovely post.


    1. Morgan says:

      Congratulations on a life spent together!


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