Shower Night Quick Write – #sol15

slice of life challengeIt’s Monday.  The groceries have been bought.  The dishwasher loaded.  Homework reviewed.  Oh, and it’s shower night.  With so many responsibilities tugging at our family life, I think it only fair that today’s slice be brief.  Brief so that I can be here–and I mean fully present–when the suds are all washed down and my girl is ready to read, to play cards, to sit on the couch and veg out. Whatever.

Part of this Slice of Life Challenge for me is to write everyday.  To carve out a slice of my life for the words on the page.  Writing is something I typically do when all else is done.  Groceries.  Dishes. Homework. Even bath times and bedtimes.Heart Mirror

But I make time for what I value, and if I value writing, then it deserves a slice of me, and I a slice of it. Daily. Sometimes, like yesterday, it’s a New York Cheesecake slice, rich and decadent and meant to be savored.   Other times, like tonight, it’s two bites from the box in the fridge without even bothering to sliver the slice.

But a slice it will be nonetheless. Daily.

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  1. Love the comparison of writing each day to stealing bites of cheesecake from the fridge or sitting down and savoring a slice. Some days are just busier than others. What matters is that we are fully present for everything we do and that we make time every day for writing!

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    1. Morgan says:

      You captured what matters perfectly. Looking forward to reading your posts, too. Headed there right now!


  2. Your post rings so true! I have been asking myself how I will ever keep up, but I figure even if I post once a week that is a step in the right direction. And, that New York cheesecake sounds yummy!

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    1. Morgan says:

      Once a week, once a month, sometimes once in a blue moon is all we have. But have it for all it’s worth! Thanks for reading.


  3. I’m working on getting my posts down from a wedge to a slice! Your point that it can be brief so that you can be fully present is a powerful reminder. Thank you. And, of course, I think your image is black and gray, but I’m sure others will see blue and black. (My joke only makes sense if you’ve seen the dress drama going around!)

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    1. Morgan says:

      Hilarious! Thanks for commenting. I’m headed to your blog next!

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